fugen kid short course 9-12Robotics Arduino Adv with Raspberry Pi intro


Build 13 Projects using kit | Learn ARDUINO | Get intro to Raspberry Pi | Learn how to program and burn

30 Class

Fee does not include KIT cost.


Robotics Adv with ARDUINO | 13 Projects | Raspberry Pi Intro | C++

Advance program designed for the curious students who want to explore robotics world by building hands on projects.

Duration: 30 Class

KIT Required: KIT box will be delivered separately at extra cost

  1. Introduction to  basic Electronics
  2. Type of Sensors – Input devices
  3. Motors used in Robotics
  4. Text programming Introduction(C++)
  5. Assembling the first Robot
  6. Traffic light Counter project
  7. Smoke Alarm
  8. Fire Alarm
  9. Weather Display system
  10. Anti theft protection for cars
  11. Home Automation
  12. RADAR detection and Emergency alarm
  13. Solar Powered Street lights
  14. Visitor Counter
  15. Automatic Sprinkler System
  16. Line follower Robot
  17. Obstacle avoider  Robot
  18. Bluetooth Controlled Car
  19. Raspberry Pi Introduction.

Robotics Programming for Beginners

Two main programming languages are the best when used in robotics: C++ and Python, often used together as each one has pros and cons. C++ is used in control loops, image processing and to interface low-level hardware. Python is used to handle high-level behaviors and to quickly develop tests or proof of concepts.










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