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Understanding the Robots, its different component and write code to control it.

30 Classes

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Understanding Robotics and how it Functions | Beginner Level-1

Duration: 30 Class

Course Overview

      1. Introduction to Robotics
      2. Design your first Robot using 3D Blocks
      3. Design your first Electronic circuit
      4. Block coding
      5. LED Blinking
      6. Sensors
      7. Simulation project
      8. Traffic  Light project
      9. LED Sequencing and Toggling
      10. Loops
      11. Robot communication with computer
      12. Controlling the circuit with computer keyboard
      13. Security Radar System
      14. Home Automation 
      15. Digital Thermometer
      16. LPG Gas leakage detector project
      17. Anti theft alarm
      18. Remote controlled Pet feeder
      19. Water level controller
      20. Energy conservation project
      21. Automatic Door opener system
      22. Miniature Robotic Arm

Learning Outcome

      • Understanding of Block Coding
      • Learns how to write code to control Robots
      • Learns 3 D Modeling
      • Understanding about the different Electronic components.
      • Learns how to solve real life problems with the help of advanced technology.
      • Enhance Logical thinking
      • Improves creativity

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Course duration

1 week

Course Type

100% offline, 100% Online, blended

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1 review for Robotics | Beginner

  • Soni Srivastava

    June 14, 2021 at 12:10 pm

    5 out of 5

    Very informative and user friendly method to teach robotics. My Son finds this interesting and has joined it. Good job team Acaster!!


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