Become a Teacher"Teaching is an art to be ‘UNFORGETTABLE'"

A passion to engage and grab their attention, making them laugh and learn the concept.
This is what ACASTER believes in you.

K12 | Higher education | All preparatory Exam | All Subjects | Foreign Language | Yoga | Sports Fitness | Vocational Training | IT/Coding | Life Skills | Hobby Classes | Many More..

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Earn money every time a student purchases your course.
Do your Tutoring using our Platform Online or Offline
Completes the teaching Assignments provided by us.

Application Process

Fill the application form below to start the process
Our team will review your application and schedule a meeting
Give teaching demo in your topic choice to our expert
Post selection & documentation, your profile will be created


  • Once you fill this registration form, you will get auto-generated email saying that your form has been submitted, but not approved.
  • Once approved, you will get another email containing your confidential Login credentials. You need to login (via Teacher Login) and complete the application form as per on-screen flow and requirement.
  • In order to complete the form, you should have your Updated CV, Profile Pic, ID, Address proof, sample online teaching material and video links, to upload.
  • All files to be uploaded must be less than 1MB size.
  • On successful submission, our team will evaluate and update you accordingly.
  • Once your application is accepted and approved, your profile will get Live on ACASTER portal.
  • For any clarification or technical issue you may email to teacher@@acaster.in

Become a Teacher

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What will be your role?

We believes that teachers/ trainers who love teaching or training are the geniuses who come up with special and innovative methods in teaching or training that helps students or learner to grasp the content and solve tough problems with ease. They help in boosting learner’s confidence as well as creating a sense of fun and engagement in respective subject matter.

ACASTERWhat will you be doing?

  1. Involving in delivering live sessions online
  2. Expected to prepare well in advance for the sessions
  3. Expected to keep the sessions interactive, exciting and engaging
  4. Expected to conduct live webinars or simulated (recorded webinars) for promoting relevant courses to the students
  5. Teaching for all related offerings of your subject/s.
  6. Conduct course-related interventions like taking webinars, attending PTM’s, etc.
  7. You can also create e-learning course sellable on the platform as per your pricing.
  8. Expected to develop interactive and engaging content with the help of the technology provided by Acaster.
  9. Responsible to work and improvise on the existing content (docs, slides, videos, tests, assignments) wherever required

ACASTERWho are we looking for?

  1. Trainers for all subject
  2. Expert in their subject or core area.
  3. Relevant qualification as per the subject matter.
  4. Relevant experience in the subject.
  5. Min 2 years of teaching experience.
  6. Excellent communication skills in English and a charismatic personality are a must
  7. Innovative, researcher, motivated and enthusiastic.
  8. Exposure to taking live online sessions are an added advantage
  9. Teachers with high energy & on-screen presence