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January 20, 2022by Acaster2

100% Sponsored Free Program

Women Empowerment and Entrepreneurship Digital Program

Join The Movement

ACASTER has launched an initiative to train 1000 Girls and Women under Women Empowerment and Entrepreneurship Digital Scheme to transform you into digitally advance independent women that can contribute to national economy. This 100% sponsored, free program will help women to reach to their full economic potential. This program will help you work as a freelancer or can bring your business online, even can shape your career in IT field.

The beauty of the this action packed program is that by the end of the training you will have your website live. After the program, we will provide the project so that you keep earning. You will be recognized as a Freelancer and will available everywhere. So be ready and join now.

Acaster itself, sponsoring 80% of the program fee and for rest 20% can be sponsored by NGO/Trust/School/College/CSR/Individual or self. This is a small step towards gender parity.

Girls and women are encouraged to participate in the program and be a WEB WOMEN.

Don’t you want to say proudly “I am a Web Women”?

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  1. Do you want to be a Freelancer?
  2. Do you want to be independent?
  3. Do you want to bring your business online or start new?
  4. Do you want to shape your career in digital world?
  5. Do you want to be an IT-Professional?
ACASTER invites you to
 ‘Learn how to develop website in action packed 10 hour 100% practical environment’


Be A Web Women

By the end of the program, you will have your own website live

Who should join?
Girls and women of any age
Anyone can learn
No Coding required
No experience required
Hindi & English Language
Why to join?
To learn website design to publish
To be digitally empowered and Independent
To work as a Freelancer and earn
To bring your business online or start new
To make your career in IT filed
Program Fee
Free for Trainees
Under 100% Sponsorship
of INR 3499
(80% - INR 2800,
Sponsored by ACASTER
20% - INR 699
Sponsored by NGO/TRUST/
Benefits of the Program
Easy to learn
Certificate of completion
Freelancer Recognition
and support
Project support to earn
Start-up Guidance
Training Mode:
Instructor-led Online
Live program
Not recorded video
Backed with QnA session
What you need?
Laptop or computer connected to Internet
“Its time to give wings to your dream”
Join now and Activate your success

Women in India!

Indian Women

An Indian woman is making about 20% of what an Indian man is making, which is far low compared to Bangladeshi women making 40% & Chinese women making 60%. Source WEF

Gender Inequality

GoI has reported that only 10% of startup founders are women.

Women Vs IT

Women fill just 22% of positions in the field of artificial intelligence (AI), despite India having the second-largest AI workforce in the world. Source WEF

You have a chance now

You have a chance to be digitally empowered Independent Women under this scheme. Join the program and Be a Web Women. Proudly say "I am a Web Women"
We are on the mission to transform 1000 Women and Girls into digitally empowered Independent Proud Women contributing to the growth of the nation.
Be the Freelancers or bring your business online or shape your career, it’s time to give wings to your dream.

Reach to your full Economic Potential

Join Now, Its Free


After form submission, you will get congratulation email. After some time you will be contacted by our team for the class scheduling and process.

Request to all School or college student to help us spreading the voice by sharing this to as much as you can.

Talk to your school/college/NGO/Individual to fund this social cause.

Share and spread the voice


  • Dr Alka

    February 16, 2022 at 1:51 pm

    Very informative, Innovative and inspiring program for Indian girls and women for a bright future , no doubt indeed. Good luck.


  • Rashami Gupta

    February 16, 2022 at 6:54 pm

    I am a web woman


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